About my work: connecting personal growth with social justice

My passion for helping clients bridge the gap between personal growth and social change arose from paradoxical elements of my upbringing: I grew up in a multicultural extended family beset by addiction, abuse, and divorce, all the while receiving a robust social justice education from the Berkeley public school system as well as from members of my own family. As I grew older and did my own personal healing work, I began to see the connection between humanity’s collective pain and systems of injustice. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, said, “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” Yes, it is true that “hurt people hurt people,” but isn’t it also true that hurt people let hurt people hurt people? I began to recognize the silence of good people as a trauma response, and consequently I began to see healing work as essential to social justice work.

How can I help you?

• Psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, shame, low confidence and self-esteem

• Social justice-informed education and coaching on healthy communication and boundaries in relationships

Spiritually informed activism coaching for the pre-post-apocalypse

• Find your spiritual and life visions and start putting them into action

In my work with clients, my first commitment is to listen with patience, curiosity, and care as they tell the story of their pain. My second commitment is to honor their pain while providing education about its purpose and its causes, in order to help my clients become aware and let go of their story of not-enoughness that has become fused with the pain over the course of their life. My third commitment is to give my clients tools and strategies to start using their pain as a guide that can lead them back to their true selves. Hari Kondabolu says that therapy is like taking a class about yourself. You better believe that my class has homework.

When my clients begin to see how their pain is connected to the pain of people all over the world, and to the pain of the planet itself, the story of not-enoughness that they have been telling themselves their whole lives becomes less convincing. Once the story loses its authority, they are free to begin their healing work in earnest, inspired to be the change that they want to see in the world. Because no personal growth program is complete without a social justice focus.

An ornate arrangement of six sheets of paper, with the central one bearing the following quote from Martin Luther King, Jr: "The time is always right to do what is right." When we find it difficult to live into the truth of this statement and take a stand for social justice, personal growth can help us get back into alignment with our values.
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What People Say

Every time this man spoke, you stop talking and listen. There are few men who have had this effect on me and Nauser is such a man. A unicorn in the field of psychotherapy and coaching.

Daniel Alexander

Nauser is one of the most intelligent, introspective, loving people I have had the pleasure of speaking with. He has the unique ability to take complex ideas and make them interesting and simple to understand. I would recommend him to anyone looking to understand themselves and their place in the world on a deeper level.

Conor Boyland

You sir have given me a bit more hope in our nation. If there are more folks with these values of peace and love I wouldn’t be so scared for my children’s future.

Nicky Robinson

Let’s build something together.

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