About Nauser Bear, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist & Spiritual Activism Coach

Hi! My name’s Nauser Bear. My first name rhymes with “saucer.” (Yes, I’ve said that since I was in kindergarten.) In Arabic it means “helper granting victory.” My top three values are love, humor, and justice. I’m half-Persian, half-“white,” half-blind, and half convinced that we can save the world. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist in California (LMFT# 123099; licensed with the BBS as Nicholas Reynolds) and a spiritual activism coach using tools and strategies from personal development, psychological healing, and spiritual growth to help heart-centered leaders discover their power and build the better world that our souls are yearning for.

I work with highly compassionate adults who struggle with codependency, shame, and low self-esteem, helping them build a foundation of self-love from which their natural capacity for caring can become a superpower at a time when the world needs more people willing to stand up for what’s right. As my clients step into their power and take control of their own lives, they start responding in healthy ways to national and global issues that humanity hasn’t figured out how to handle yet  (like COVID, systemic racism, and climate change). I use Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), as well as humanistic and psychodynamic approaches to help my clients build self understanding and acceptance, identify their boundaries, values, and vision for the world, and create action plans to start making that vision a reality. I’m bicultural, and this makes it easier for me to connect with people across differences, particularly other bicultural individuals or white-passing POCs. I also work well with sensitive men whose shame about male-driven oppression of women has made it hard for them to embrace their healthy masculinity.

Nauser Bear’s Education and Training

Advanced Mindful Facilitation Techniques
Stirfry Seminars (2019)

Certificate in Child Therapy
Child Therapy Institute (2019)

MA in Integral Counseling Psychology
California Institute of Integral Studies (2017)

BA and MA in Linguistics
University of California at Santa Cruz (2005, 2007)

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