How to get along: a free workshop

A pair of hands, palms open, with a map of the world painted on them, and doves flying in a blue sky with white clouds. If we want to achieve peace and justice in this world, we need to learn how to get along.
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How to get along: Free weekly drop-in communication workshop

  • Are you having trouble talking to people about cultural problems like racism or transphobia?
  • Do you find it difficult to set and maintain boundaries with other people regarding COVID safety?
  • Are you just struggling to get along with partners, family, friends, roommates, neighbors, or co-workers?

I’d like to help you.

I provide education and guidance through an intersectional social justice and trauma-sensitive lens to support:

  1. Healthy boundaries
  2. House meetings
  3. Intentional dialogues
  4. Non-violent communication
  5. Repair conversations

Wednesdays from 12 – 1PM PST
nauserbeartherapy at gmail dot com for more info
Or click here for the facebook event.

What helps people get along? More fundamentally, what are the characteristics of a healthy relationship?

  1. Both people are free to be themselves.
  2. Both people’s feelings, needs, and gifts are acknowledged and respected.
  3. Both people’s lived experiences are understood and given weight.
  4. Both people feel free to give differentiating feedback and to ask for what they need.
  5. Both people are able to receive differentiating feedback without losing control of themselves.
  6. Both people feel free to set boundaries with the other when needed, feel secure that their boundaries will be respected, and feel free to take space away from the relationship if needed.
  7. Both people are actively concerned for the well being of the other.
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