“My name is Nauser. It rhymes with ‘saucer.’”

I want personhood for everyone. Because of my white skin, I know that the threats to my own personhood are more spiritual than material. I don’t fear for my life on a daily basis. I don’t worry having about my rights trampled on and then being blamed for it. White supremacy hurts my Black and Brown brothers and sisters and nonbinary siblings in more material ways than it hurts me. My pain is different from theirs, but it serves to remind me of theirs, and to remind me of my responsibility to make things right.

Is your climate activism “just about white”?

Ending white supremacy is essential to combating climate change because the root of our nation's pathological state of denial is found in the origins of white supremacy. White climate and environmental activists for too long have said that the environment is a more pressing concern, which might be true if it were possible to address it without first addressing white supremacy, but it is not. Fixing the climate crisis without first addressing racism is like trying to stage a mutiny on a slave ship without first freeing the slaves. It makes no sense, it's delusional, and it comes from a mindset of unexamined denial and white supremacy thinking.

Why is it hard to change?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Those too frustrated for metaphors throw up their hands and lament, “People never change!” Whether it’s giving up an unhealthy habit like smoking or snacking, taking the first steps towards the achievement of a goal like starting a blog, or adopting new healthy habits like …


Loved ones gathered on the banks of the Illinois Celebrating with food, Moving with dance, Smiling with laughter. The banjo music reflects the blue sky in its twang. Dogs and children make waves of water and sound. An apple in one hand, and barbecue smoke in my head, I sit on this rock and think, …